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June 2004
I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. I'm thrilled to be pregnant again and I attribute it to both the acupuncture and to your role in the process. After having conceived my daughter almost 2 years ago through the use of acupuncture, I have no doubt in the effectiveness as a treatment for infertility. In addition, I honestly believe that your soothing and reassuring presence played a significant role in my two success stories. I always looked forward to our sessions when I could release all my anxieties and decompress. I'm certain this peace of mind increased my ability to get pregnant.
Thank you again and I hope to see you in the future.
Best wishes.


May 2004
Christine Lee has added a new dimension of wellness to my life through acupuncture treatments. Prior to beginning treatments with her, I had received chiropractic adjustments for misalignments for my lower back and neck. These were beneficial for the frequent injuries I was experiencing when I returned to teaching first grade students, at 45 years old.

Since my retirement, I have found sustained relief through acupuncture for more chronic conditions that have evolved over time, as well as for momentary injuries. The coordination of the two therapies has created a balance in my life for which I am grateful. Christine's intuitive understanding of the whole body structure and function, along with her expertise in treatment, has had a significant impact on my overall health, as well as on my future well being.


March 2004
I now started my third month with Chris and her magic! I came to her for help with pain in my intercostals muscles. (Those those are located between each rib) To breathe deeply was very painful and at rest those muscles were sore to the touch - even my sleep was disturbed. Within two visits to Chris, some sore of miracle happened - no more pain! I have no doubt that these as well as other complaints will be sent their merry way with Chris's continued magic.


May 2004
I tried acupuncture for the first time because I was very uncomfortable with hot flashes. Ordinarily, I would've tried medication but because of my medical history I was not a candidate. A friend suggested that I give this a try. I noticed a change in my body temperature that very first day !!! I was totally blown away. I realize this does not happen with everyone but it did with me. My hot flashes went from very uncomfortable to barely noticeable and, at times, non-existent. I have realized that I can use acupuncture as an alternative to some meds and it is so much safer because ALL medications have side effects. I've learned to keep an open mind and learn more about the other choices that are available to all of us.

S. J.

April 2003
I decided to try some acupuncture treatment for my infertility and chronic back problems when traditional medicine was not quite getting the job done. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for four years and with 2 years of infertility treatment, we were still unsuccessful. My chronic back problem added to my stress. Come to find out in the world of acupuncture, the two maladies are closely related.

A clinical trial published in 2002 showed improved conception results in women getting acupuncture along with IVF. This study was convincing enough evidence for the American Medical Association to endorse acupuncture as a treatment for infertility. I was lucky enough to have Christine working in the same office where my physical therapy was being done so I set up an appointment with her. She did a wonderful overall evaluation of my health to address every possible dysfunction in my system, not just the specific ones I needed most attention to. In addition to very skilled hands, she has an incredible compassionate and caring character that put me at ease at my very first appointment. Her knowledge base in this field is extensive and she seems to continually strive for more knowledge to expand her practice skills. This is definitely the type of practitioner you want to see! The best part of it all though is that not only did my back improve, but I conceived my very next cycle after only two acupuncture treatments! So needless to say it made a believer out of me and I will continue to use acupuncture as one of my treatments for any health problems or stress issues in the future.
Thank you.


March 2003
It would be impossible to describe my experience with acupuncture without also describing my experience with Chris Lee. I have grown to believe that the practitioner is as important as the practice.

I came to acupuncture as a skeptic. Like many people with a chronic illness, I'd run the gamut of diagnoses (four years with doctors to get as accurate one) and ineffective treatments (medications, chiropractics, etc), Some treatments worked well at first, but then it was as if my body became immune to the positive effects. My first visit with Christine was a consult and then an acupuncture treatment, which I had not expected. It tried to keep an open mind, but there seemed nothing rational or concrete about the chosen meridians and how they related to pain. Chris spoke of such things as chi and the five elements. She wanted to see my tongue to judge its color (something I had never considered) and then she did muscle testing. My skepticism grew as I wonder how all of this was going to add up to anything that made sense, never mind relieve me of my pain. After the treatment, Chris took a probe and pressed it along different points in my ear, some of which were very sore. This, I thought, is really odd. I began to doubt that I'd even come back for another session. But then Chris explained what she had just done. She told me that for each area of pain in my body the corresponding point on the ear was also painful. This was not something that Chris just made up; this was something she could validate with a chart. Now I was impressed. I would come back after all.

After a few treatments, Chris discussed herbs with me. I was a bit apprehensive about taking herbs since many medications and supplements have a paradoxical effect on my body. But Chris never pressed the issue; she just offered her explanation as to how and why she thought they would help me. When I was ready to discuss the herbs further Chris took the time to explain each herb that would make up my formula and its effect on my body. She sat with me with a PDR of sorts of herbs and let me read about the effects and any contraindications. I felt much more comfortable about going on the herbs, though I did not take my herbs regularly - a new regime is always a cognitive challenge for me. Still, I could see that even one dose a day was helping. Once I got better about taking the herbs twice a day, I noticed a more dramatic effect. I was surprise; Chris, however, was not. After weeks of acupuncture and herbs, the pain I had in my hands and feet began to dissipate until I woke one day and realized I hadn't any pain at all. This continued through an especially humid summer, which generally aggravates my condition into the cold winter, another aggravant. To this day, I rarely have pain in my hands and feet; when I do it is not near the level it once was and it does not linger. Other pain has also dissipated and decreased in intensity and frequency.

Relief from pain was not the only benefit I received from acupuncture. After several weeks, I began to experience a grater sense of energy and well being that I had not felt in a long time. I'd become so used to feeling bad that when I began to feel glimpses of my "old self" the feeling was bittersweet - I was grateful for the gift, but I was also reminded that I'd almost forgotten what it felt like to feel good. I also realized that I'd lost faith in the fact that I ever would feel good. This had a profound effect on my - my faith that had slipped into hopeless was beginning to return, and in a new and better way.

Acupuncture has dramatically changed my life. I've had a great degree of physical and emotional health. I've also developed a great respect and deep interest in Chinese medicine, which Chris is always willing to indulge and encourage. But most of all, acupuncture brought me to Chris Lee, a woman who is remarkable in ways that no doctor or health care worker I've encountered (and there are numerous) ever was. Not only is she incredibly enthusiastic about her work and her client's well-being, she is intuitive. She listens to me without judgment and hears what I am saying, as well as what I am not saying. She is cheerleader and healer, confidante and friend. IN Chris Lee I see the embodiment of all that acupuncture is supposed to bring to others - support, healing, encouragement, and spirit. I have a renewed faith because of Chris - faith in myself, faith in healing, and faith in a higher power. Truly, acupuncture addresses the needs of mind and body. And Chris Lee is the personification of this power, this incredible energy.


January 2005
I have had Chronic Fatigue/ Fibromyalgia for about 14 years. During that time my symptoms have involved every system of my body at one time or another and at times been very debilitating. I had been doing well for about a year when, in December, I had a flare-up of symptoms. This was painful, exhausting and frightening. A friend with similar symptoms referred me to Chris for acupuncture. I was amazed at how quickly started to feel better. After 2 or 3 treatments I had less pain and fatigue. Nothing works overnight but, after about a month I feel I'm close to being back to my baseline. I also had the added bonus of being relieved of "hot flashes" for this time. Christine is soft spoken, gentle and a true professional. Having a practitioner with a positive attitude and excellent training has made acupuncture a relaxing, comforting experience.

Linda RN

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